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Things to do in the Dahlias in June

Jun 18, 2008

By now your dahlias should be planted and coming up. We here in Oregon have had an extremely cold spring so our dahlias are taking forever to come thru the ground. Be patient with them.

If your dahlias are not coming, dig down carefully and see if they are being eaten, have rotted, are actually sprouting, or are just sitting there with no eye to sprout. If they are sprouting, but not out of the ground yet, they may be too deep. If more than 2 inches deep, the ground is cold and they won't sprout well.

If your dahlias are being eaten, it could be several creatures. The slug or snail is the number one culprit, or at least the number one to be blamed. Earwigs, sowbugs (aka potato bug)and cutworms are also to blame. If you are using a good slug bait and not getting results, you probably have one or more of the other creatures. Using a good insecticide will take care of them. We like the dusts better than the spray, as it lasts longer and will wash into the ground to get any cutworms there.

To get bushier plants the first year, pinch out the top of the plant after 2 or 3 leaves. This will make the plant send out the laterals faster.

Dahlias that are just sittiing there and not sprouting, probably won't at this point. You should contact the grower you bought them from and see what their policy for replacement is.

Not much else needs to be done, June is mainly a growing month. Waiting patiently for those glorious blooms in a couple months or sooner. If it is warm where you are, get a nice cold glass of lemonade and enjoy the down time!!


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