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Things to do in March and April

Mar 22, 2010

It is Spring and the weather is warming up. Last winter in the Willamette Valley and elsewhere we had some extreme freezing. Some dahlias survived, and some did not.

The dahlias are not coming up yet as the ground has not warmed sufficiently. If you are concerned if they are coming, you can always dig gently around where they are to see if the tuber clump is intact and hard, or mushy and rotted.

If hard, they have survived - Yeah! If mushy, they froze and rotted - Boo!

For those of you who mulched and the dahlias survived, now is the time to take off the mulch and slug bait real well, I'm sure they survived! You can also dig and move them if you want.

The dahlias that mushed and rotted, can be dug out as well and replaced with more beautiful dahlias. You can check out our catalog page for varieties we have left. Or find us at a garden show. Our next one is GARDENPALOOZA on April 3rd in Aurora, Oregon. See www.gardenpalooza.com for information.

Mid April until early June is a good time to plant new dahlias as the ground and weather is warming nicely and they should sprout and grow well. Flower beds for dahlias should be well drained, so now is the time to add mulch, sand and organic matter and rototill in deeply before planting.

We have planting directions on our website to follow.

The Sun is out today and Spring will be grand!

Happy planting!


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